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Rashaan Hill

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 I’m Rashaan Hill has ventured in a few different areas of business. From an early age Rashaan has had a entrepreneurial mindset that he began to recognize as opportunities to explore entrepreneurship presented themselves over time. In high school he took his passion for music and used equipment he initially bought for himself as an opportunity to explore what he thought would be nothing more than a hobby, and began to offer recording studio services including beat production and audio recording to local artists. Later, he saw and opportunity to explore entrepreneurship through the custom sneaker resell business; and, for years has maintained an online store offering highly sought after shoes. He has extensive experience with hands on work as well including handyman services, lawn care, and residential painting. Rashaan was recruited as the entrepreneurship course instructor in Fall of 2023 and has been transformative in the capacity of our program. Rashaan is talented by skillset; but, more impressive is his capacity to captivate the attention of our youth population, build rapport with youth who are legal system impacted, and ignite passion and confidence in our youth. Rashaan guided more than 15 youth in our first cohort of entrepreneurship students through developmental foundations of entrepreneurship, branding and marketing, Financial literacy, product development, and final sales pitches. 

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