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Our Plan

Student engagement programming: Our instructors are committed to developing the whole student. Instructors are community partners who have a passion for mentoring youth. Student and instructor relationship building is our top priority. Our instructors lead with equity and a strong emphasis on building trust so that they can guide students through developing positive coping skills, decision making, problem solving, and goal planning. Together, these skills are put to practice as students develop their independent ideas for product development and strategic marketing.


Rewarding student progress: Students are invited to join the Project Remix Ventures initiative upon completion of their second GED exam. This is intentionally built into our model to encourage completion of GED programming, while motivating youth to remain engaged in enrichment programming post GED completion. In doing so, student participation in on-campus services is expanded existentially – maximizing potential and future opportunity. 

Young Teen Model

How It Works

Instructors provide training to students and guide them through logistic concepts of small business enterprises. This model allows students to cross-train in a variety of skill-based positions like; fundraising and  financial literacy, inventory accountability, shipping and receiving, digital design, networking and marketing, and product development and placement. 

Our social enterprises then make the final result of student work accessible to the public through our virtual “shop”. Each item purchased is directly re-invested to provide funding for training or current, and future cohorts; creating a system of community support that provides direct, trajectory changing opportunities for our PRV youth. 

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