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Morgan Crowell

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Morgan Crowell graduated from the Education Transition Center (ETC) in May 2022.  While enrolled at the ETC, Morgan participated in the Construction & Carpentry class, where he and his classmates learned how to use the power tools used in residential construction and had the opportunity to build a tiny home.  Morgan also participated in the EdOpp Entrepreneurship class where students worked on putting their entrepreneurship/business ideas down on paper.  The capstone project for the Entrepreneurship class was for each student to create a business plan for the ETC’s school store and Morgan’s business plan for La Bodega won first place.  The ETC will be launching La Bodega inside their community school building in early Spring 2023.  Morgan is a hardworking and motivated individual that, until recently, was working three different jobs in the food and security industries.  In early November, he started the enrollment process with a Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (HCJPD) workforce development partner to become a Registered Apprentice as a Rigger for TNT, where he was hired on day one of training, and is now compensated more with this career than he was collectively paid across his former three jobs.  Morgan aims to continue to be involved as an alumnus of the ETC program to take advantage of more programs and services offered, as well as to give back.

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