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About Us

Our goal is to prepare opportunity youth with entrepreneurial skills and virtues needed to enter the workforce ready to contribute immediately to employers’ businesses, as well as to advance in that field or another field of their choice.

We accomplish this by providing students and alumni with hands-on internships where they create and market products, guiding youth to independence as they transition out of the juvenile justice system so they can maximize future career opportunities regardless of criminal history.

The final products designed and created by our youth are then made available to the public through Our shop. Revenue collected through our product lines is then directly reinvested back to our youth; creating self-sustainability in our program model.

Opportunity Youth are

5x more likely

to end up in the

adult criminal justice system and

3x more likely

to suffer from depression and other mental illness.

Our Story

Music is a passion for many of our staff and students. When thinking of a name for the program (now nonprofit organization), we wanted to reflect why we were choosing to do this work. We chose Project Remix because a remixed song is still a celebration of the original version but with featured collaboration. Through collaborating with artists and finding new beats, these producers were able to change the sound just enough to make it a stronger song. Project Remix is a celebration of our students’ original stories with the added layer of collaboration with parents/guardians, social service agencies, education teams, and training & employer partnerships.

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