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Our company works with both printing and shipping. We ship furniture as well as provide mailing, receiving, and packaging services. We also have printing services that include making and printing brochures, flyers, and menus. We help our partner companies ship and produce their products. You can shop for our products here.​ Please send us an inquiry if you wish to ship your products with us at

Our Story

We are students at Project Remix and have learned through our classes and outside training the value of shipping and receiving services. We hope to seek full employment upon graduation with a postal or printing company so that we can implement our skills for the greater good. 

We received our training from Ship Black and Ship Black University (Businesses Learning And Collaborating for Knowledge), a company that assists small businesses in Providing strategies and solutions that keep business core integrity intact, Increasing efficiency and maintaining customer retention, and Identifying and leveraging existing and future technology to help businesses expand and become more profitable. Their founder, Tiffany, has her own nonprofit supporting children with Autism to help them learn job skills. She and her coworkers have taught us the value of education, customer service, and the shipping industry. 

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Our Clients

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